Gang who targeted Portsmouth pawnbroker are locked up by judge

JAILED From left: Christopher Syed, Konstantive Kashencev, Richard Tillard
JAILED From left: Christopher Syed, Konstantive Kashencev, Richard Tillard
Shonagh Dillon

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A GANG of organised thieves who targeted pawnbrokers have been jailed.

Konstantive Kashencev, Richard Tillard, Christopher Syed and Jake Foster got away with £3,800 worth of gold bracelets from Harvey and Thomas pawnbrokers in Cosham High Street.

Syed, 21, snatched the bracelets, after a struggle with a female member of staff, while Tillard, 22, and Kashencev, 23, kept watch outside.

Prosecutor Matthew Jewell said that as Syed fled the shop a member of the public grabbed him but his accomplices, Tillard and Kashencev, told the man they were chasing him and they would call the police.

Once the member of public left, the three of them met up with Foster, 21, who was the getaway driver for the gang.

The group, who came from London to raid the store, were stopped by police on the M25.

The court heard Kashencev robbed another branch of the pawnbrokers in Warwickshire, while Tillard had taken part in a raid on a branch in Coventry, all in 2010.

They used fake IDs to persuade the staff to take jewellery out of the cabinets.

Kashencev, of Westminster, London, was jailed for 22 months after pleading guilty to robbery and two counts of theft.

Tillard, of Ealing, London, was jailed for 20 months for robbery and theft.

Syed, of Shepherds Bush, London, was jailed for a year for robbery. Foster, of Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, was jailed for six months for theft.

Satyanand Beharrylal, defending, said: ‘These offences are opportunistic. It doesn’t have the hallmarks of professionals.’

Jailing them Judge Sarah Munro QC said: ‘It’s obvious that all of you were actively involved in targeting jewellers and for some reason Harvey and Thomas pawnbrokers seems to have been your target.’