Garden thieves target baskets, benches and a decorative gnome

FED UP Patricia Homer, who has had 20 hanging baskets and other items stolen from her garden in Gosport  Picture: Paul Jacobs (150466-2)
FED UP Patricia Homer, who has had 20 hanging baskets and other items stolen from her garden in Gosport Picture: Paul Jacobs (150466-2)
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GARDEN ornaments are being stolen in a series of thefts on houses, prompting one woman to try and catch the culprits red-handed.

Patricia Homer has had 20 lights taken along with four hanging baskets in the last few weeks.

One of her neighbours has also had a bench taken and a garden gnome.

Mrs Homer, from Gosport, was so keen to catch the culprits she bought some more lights and tried to stay up all night to catch them.

She said: ‘The thefts started at the beginning of March when I woke up one morning and saw that all my hanging baskets had been taken.

‘I have quite a lot of ornaments in my garden but only the baskets were taken.

‘But a couple of days later, my lights that go in the ground were also taken.’

‘I was so angry that they were targeting me that I wanted to catch them in the act.

‘I bought some cheaper lights and baskets and put them in the front garden where the others were.

‘I then tried to stay awake all night but nothing happened.

‘But the next day, I went to my ukulele music group and by the time I got back at about 1am, they had been taken again.’

Mrs Homer, who lives in Hill Park Road, reported the thefts to the police.

She then spoke to some neighbours who mentioned someone else in the same road had a bench and a garden gnome taken.

Mrs Homer added: ‘It is very strange and very frustrating.

‘I don’t know why they are taking the garden stuff.

‘My lights and hanging baskets weren’t that expensive but I have still lost about £110 worth of garden ornaments.

‘I am now tempted to move all my other garden stuff to the back garden but it looks so nice out at the front.

‘It brightens up the garden.’

Police are looking into both incidents and think they are linked.

A spokeswoman for Hampshire Constabulary said: ‘Police received a report of the theft of four hanging baskets from the front garden of a property in Hill Park Road, Gosport.

‘This has occurred between 10am on Tuesday, March 10 and 11.30am, on Wednesday, March 11.

‘A gnome and bench were also taken on March 3 between 10.50am and 1.20pm from a different address in Hill Park Road, Gosport.’

Anyone with information can report it to the police on 101 or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.