Get away with cycling on the pavement? Depends how old you are

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The Countess of Chester Hospital in Chester.

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Police have pledged to take a lenient view of children riding bikes on the pavement during a crackdown on cycling offences.

They made the pledge as they revealed that a man caught cycling on the pavement in Reginald Road, Portsmouth, had been given a £50 penalty notice.

He was apprehended by officers from the Eastney and Milton neighbourhood policing team as part of an initiative called Steer Clear.

Riders are being warned they face a £50 penalty or even court action for riding on a pavement, riding without lights at night, not stopping at a red light or pedestrian crossing, riding under the influence of drink or drugs, riding with more than one person on a solo bike or failing to stop for police.

Police tweeted out news of the penalty notice issued and were asked by a Twitter follower whether there was an age limit below which cycling on the pavement would be allowed.

Portsmouth Police responded: ‘We use discretion with younger children as cycling on a road would not be safe.’