Girl, 17, tells how her life is ruined after sex assault

  • Judge said man took advantage and treated girl in ‘troubling and demeaning’ way
  • The 23-year-old encouarge two boys to film sexual assault
  • Victim carries rape alarm everywhere and feels vulnerable near men
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A TEENAGER subjected to an ‘unforgivable’ sexual assault has told how her life has been devastated.

The girl was 16 when Billy Joe Thorne took advantage of her and carried out the ‘humiliating’ and ‘demeaning’ assault in Fareham.

Billy Joe Thorne was given a suspended jail term

Billy Joe Thorne was given a suspended jail term

Thorne, 23, encouraged two teenage boys to film what he did, Portsmouth Crown Court heard.

Speaking to The News, the victim – who cannot be identified – said she wanted to see Thorne jailed but he was given a suspended jail term.

Now 17, she said the assault has changed her life and she carries a rape alarm and feels vulnerable near men.

She said: ‘Even when I see someone, I put a hand in my pocket and hold it just in case.

‘I never walk by myself. I never distrusted people but now I do.’

On the night of the assault she was screaming and inconsolable after a friend told her what had happened.

The next morning she was horrified to find the video had been shared and that people were talking about her online.

She said: ‘It was horrible, I felt anxious, I couldn’t stop crying. It was like I’d been betrayed by so many people.’

The girl’s mother added: ‘She was hysterical when she came home that night, she was shouting and screaming.

‘She doesn’t really go out or like being left at the house on her own now.’

Details of Thorne’s assault were given in court but are not being printed in The News.

Bravely sat in court the victim watched as Judge Sarah Munro QC handed Thorne a 12-month prison term suspended for two years.

‘I wanted Thorne to go to prison,’ she told The News.

‘He will think he can do it again and again and get away with it.

‘I just feel sorry for anyone he comes across, he’s just going to hurt them.’

The court heard the victim was drunk during the assault early last year.

Judge Munro said Thorne had taken advantage of her state. Addressing the dad-of-one, she said: ‘You, Mr Thorne, took advantage of her and treated her in a troubling and demeaning way.

‘You were showing off. The activity was filmed by one or more of the other young lads.

‘What was happening was demeaning, humiliating and unforgivable.’

She added the recording was distributed between the boys, Thorne and Ben Iles.

Iles, 19, was present and later admitted possessing an indecent image of a child after Thorne sent the video.

Judge Munro, who told Iles and Thorne she watched the video before sentencing them, said to Thorne: ‘You plainly saw her as a sex object.

‘You encouraged others younger than you to take part.

‘The fact you socialise with younger boys shows your immaturity.’

She added Thorne ‘thoroughly deserves to go to prison’ but suspended his jail term and gave him a curfew.

‘You will be a prisoner in your own home,’ she added.

Thorne, of Lower Bellfield, Titchfield, admitted sexual assault, encouraging or assisting the commission of an offence – the taking of the video – and possessing an indecent photograph of a child.

He must sign the sex offenders’ register for five years, take part in a sex offender programme and complete two years of supervision.

Iles, of Salterns Estate, Fareham, was given a 12-month community order and supervision requirement.

Two boys, 16 and from Fareham, were referred to youth offender panels at Fareham Youth Court after one admitted showing the video and the other admitted taking it.

Detective’s warning over video offences

DISGUSTING Billy Thorne preyed on a vulnerable drunk teenage girl.

Detective Constable Erica Leigh, who investigated the case, said the 23-year-old did so for his own enjoyment.

Det Con Leigh, from Hampshire police, said: ‘He took advantage of a vulnerable girl and encouraged others to film what he was doing purely for his enjoyment.’

She also warned that children were unaware sharing such a video was a criminal act.

‘Young people aren’t aware if they send videos of that nature they are committing offences,’ she said.

In court, Billy Thorne’s barrister Sarah Jones, said: ‘This is an offence that simply would not have occurred 10 years ago or if there were simply two people in that room.’

She added: ‘It was Mr Thorne’s desire to appear impressive in front of people.

‘It is the least impressive and regrettable thing he has ever done.’

She added: ‘He showed no respect for the victim on the night in question.’

Fern Russell, defending Ben Iles, said: ‘His activity is in a way the lesser of all the defendants involved in this case.

‘Everything he did was with the victim’s consent.’