‘Glue up your windows’ to beat Portsmouth burglars

Hampshire police urge residents to ‘ACT’ on terrorism suspicions

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POLICE are urging people to keep their windows locked – and even glue them up – after a spate of burglaries.

Officers say at least 10 homes across Portsmouth have been targeted in similar ways.

In each case the burglar either got into the property through an unlocked or open window or removed horizontal slats from Louvre windows.

Now police are urging people to ensure doors and windows are locked – and glue slats to the frames of windows to make it tougher for crooks to remove them.

It comes after reports of several burglaries.

n Thieves removed a window from a property in Clive Road, Fratton, in January 22, although they fled empty-handed.

n The same day a thief was disturbed by a resident as they tried to break into a home in Winter Road, Southsea and glass was removed from a window in Francis Avenue, Southsea, in another burglary attempt.

n In Mayles Road, Milton, £150 in cash was stolen after glass was removed from a window between January 18 and 22.

n A debit card is thought to have been stolen from a home in Locksway Road, Milton, overnight on January 21 – again after a window was removed.

n Two homes in Maylands Avenue, Milton, were targeted between January 14 and 19 where alcohol and cigarettes were taken from one property and an Acer laptop from another after windows were forced open.

n A kitchen window was removed at a home in Blendworth Road, Milton, and a Toshiba laptop and two digital cameras stolen on January 9.

n Thieves also targeted homes in Essex Road and Rosetta Road, Milton, in December, again by breaking in through windows.

Detective Constable Amanda Waite said: ‘We’re advising all residents to have a check of their home security to reduce the chance of their home being targeted by a burglar.

‘Make sure you lock all doors and windows in unoccupied rooms, even if you are at home.

‘You should also consider gluing the panes of glass in Louvre windows so the window can still be opened but it’s difficult to remove the glass.

‘Please think of older or vulnerable neighbours and help them with this if you can.’

Hampshire Constabulary recently extended its crackdown on burglaries following a drop in the crimes.

The force received 1,458 burglary reports between the start of Operation Nemesis in October and January 15 – 112 less than the same period the year before.