Going on holiday? Don’t tell Facebook

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Police today warned Facebook users: Don’t post your ‘wish you were here’ holiday pictures online.

Hampshire Police reiterated the advice after a rise in burglaries in July in the Southampton and Romsey areas.

They fear that some could be the result of people unwittingly ‘advertsing’ on social media that their home is empty.

Hampshire Police said that criminals were known to trawl Facebook pages seeking to put together information that could help them target propoerties at which no-one is at home.

The force warns that people should not post online detailed information about upcoming holidays.

And officers advise that people should be very careful about posting pictures of their holiday destination while away - a clear ‘wish you were here’ message that their own home is empty.

PC Andy Lucas said: ‘What we are saying is just to be careful with your account settings.

‘It advertises to burglars that your house is empty and forms a large part of our summer crime prevention advice.

‘All the burglaries we’ve had reported to us so far could have occurred for various different reasons, however we know that at this time of year people go out for the whole day to enjoy the sun or to go on holiday for weeks at a time and often this is when burglars strike.’