Goose is killed in sickening act of animal abuse

Joseph Carter with the goats he keeps on the smallholding in Leigh Park Picture: Sarah Standing (150867-255)
Joseph Carter with the goats he keeps on the smallholding in Leigh Park Picture: Sarah Standing (150867-255)

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  • Goose is strangled to death in sickening attack in Leigh Park
  • RSPCA are investigating
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A GOOSE was tied up against a fence by its wings in a sickening act of animal abuse.

The cruel killing has left animal-lover Joseph Carter heartbroken and wondering when the next attack might come.

It’s broken my heart

Joseph Carter

It is the second attack this year after three goats were killed on his smallholding in May.

Mr Carter has kept animals – including goats, ducks, pigeons and chickens – on an allotment near his home in High Lawn Way, Leigh Park, since 1978.

A fortnight ago he bought eight geese.

Last Friday afternoon he was stunned to find a female goose hanging from the fence.

Mr Carter, 64, said: ‘I let my geese out in the morning.

‘They just had a little bit of feed.

‘That was at about 3pm.

‘I went back over at 4pm and the bird was hanging by the fence.

‘Its head and wings had been wired to the fence.

‘The bird was dead and had strangled itself.’

He added: ‘I’m absolutely devastated.

‘It’s broken my heart.

‘I had only just bought these geese and within a week this has happened.’

Mr Carter believes someone may have a vendetta against him.

In May two of his goats died from suspected poisoning and a pregnant female was maimed and subsequently died.

The incident was reported to police, but nothing came of the investigation.

The retired builder has reported the latest attack to the RSPCA, which has taken the goose’s body away to be kept as evidence in case the attacker is found.

The attack happened between 3pm and 4pm last Friday and Mr Carter believes someone might have heard or seen it.

‘Geese make a lot of noise if you get near them,’ he said.

‘If these people can do that to an animal, what could they do to human beings?’