Gosport baby death trial: Prosecutor tells jury '“ one or both of them is responsible for the extreme injuries and is guiltyÂ

A COUPLE facing jail for the death of their baby were '˜self confessed liars' who sought to cover up their '˜brutal' onslaught on the infant, a court heard.

Tuesday, 20th November 2018, 5:03 pm
Updated Tuesday, 20th November 2018, 6:06 pm
Stanley Davis Picture: Hampshire Police/PA Wire
Stanley Davis Picture: Hampshire Police/PA Wire

Mum Roxanne Davis, 30, and her then boyfriend Samuel Davies, 24, were jointly responsible for the death of baby Stanley, jurors at Winchester Crown Court were told as the prosecution concluded its case against the pair.

James Newton-Price QC, summing up the crown's case, said there were '˜no other candidates' for the horrific injuries caused to Stanley during their '˜volatile and stormy relationship'.

The prosecutor said both defendants were culpable for the injuries that led to the infant's fatal skull fracture and brain haemorrhage aged just 24 days on March 28 last year. 

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Roxanne Davis, who is charged with causing or allowing the death of her son Stanley Davis

Stanley also sustained 32 fractures to his ribs and nine fractures to his arms and legs during three separate occasions.

Mr Newton-Price QC said: '˜There were multiple injuries caused that were non-accidental culminating in the fatal blow that leads to the compelling conclusion that Stanley was unlawfully killed.

'˜The fatal blow was the result of a blunt impact instrument to his head. This was done by one of the two defendants. The other one should have been aware of the danger.

'˜On three different occasions one or both of the defendants applied significant compressive force to his chest to break his rib bones and to then refracture them and other areas.

'˜This was done by twisting or pulling with force on the wrists, knees, ankles and elbows which were fractured and refractured. 

'˜A non-accidental injury is putting it mildly when considering how extreme the injuries were.'

The prosecutor said while the pair may have had good intentions to begin with, things quickly unravelled with the sinister reality of what was going on '˜behind closed doors' at odds with the public perception.

Referring to a bruise behind Stanley's ear, Mr Newton-Price QC said: '˜They said they didn't notice it until it was pointed out. But how could they not notice it? 

'˜There was damning evidence from Hayley Davis where she said Stanley was dressed up with a hood. This was so Roxanne could conceal the bruise.'

The prosecutor said the pair told widespread lies to health professionals and the police over their drug taking and Stanley's wellbeing. '˜The quality of their acting is shown on a video when Stanley was on a life support machine - even then they could not tell the whole truth,' he told jurors.

Mr Newton-Price QC highlighted abusive text messages between the pair and referenced a string of rows including one where a neighbour heard '˜shouting and screaming on and off all day' before police were called.

He added: '˜It was a stormy relationship with two immature and volatile adults - just the environment where a baby is at risk of harm, which is exactly what happened.'

The couple initially '˜put their heads together' to tell stories to authorities before things fell apart after their arrests when they turned on each other. 

Davies alleged his former lover had shaken Stanley while Davis made claims of being wrestled to the floor by her boyfriend while holding her baby.

The claims even continued during the trial when Davis accused her co-defendant of inflicting injuries on a previously not documented occasion in court, with her shouting out to Davies: '˜Tell them Sam.'

Davis, 30, of Lee Road, Gosport, and Davies, 24, of Mayfield Road, Southampton, who is not the biological father of Stanley, are on trial accused of causing or allowing the death of the infant.