Gosport baby death trial: Shock admission by mum on trial for baby death by mum on trial for baby death

A MUM admitted that either herself or her partner must be to blame for the death of her baby, a court heard.

Tuesday, 20th November 2018, 5:07 pm
Updated Tuesday, 20th November 2018, 6:11 pm
Roxanne Davis

Roxanne Davis, 30, told police she was '˜tortured' following the death of her baby Stanley Davis, who died of a skull fracture and bleed on the brain on March 28, 2017.

Winchester Crown Court heard how Davis and her partner Samuel Davies, 24, ended up turning on each other after the infant's death.

In total Stanley suffered 42 injuries including 32 fractures to his ribs and nine fractures to his arms and legs sustained during three separate occasions.

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Roxanne Davis

While being quizzed during police interview, Davis said: '˜I would prefer us both to get locked up. It's me or him isn't it?'

Despite insisting she did not want '˜to put blame' on Davies during various police interviews, Davis would then point the finger. 

'˜It's got to be him (Davies). It's not me and it's not both of us so it must be him,' she told officers. '˜He's obviously hurt my baby. I don't like blaming people but he's going to get away with this.'

She added: '˜Everyone says it was Sam. All my family and friends.'

A picture of Stanley Davis issued by police Picture: Hampshire Police/PA Wire

Davis also brandished her boyfriend a '˜wife beater and druggie' who started '˜acting weird' after the tot had died.

When Davis was told of Davies accusing her of '˜shaking' Stanley above her head and shouting for him to '˜shut up', the mum fired back: '˜He's a little liar. I promise you. He's turned it on me. I can't believe it.

'˜He's saying what he's done. He never said anything about this before.'

During police interviews, Davis repeatedly denied all knowledge of how Stanley had sustained his injuries. '˜I can't say how he got them,' she said.

She added: '˜I didn't think anyone would be sick enough to do that. I feel like a failure. I wouldn't do that, I'm his mum.'

The court heard how Stanley was christened before his life support machine was turned off. He was put in the arms of Davis as he died.

In November when Davies was being taken to an interview room to be further quizzed on the baby's death, Davis, in a separate room, spotted her former partner before shouting abuse at him.

Davies responded to police: '˜There's your murderer.'

Davis, of Lee Road, Gosport, and Davies, of Mayfield Road, Southampton are on trial accused of causing or allowing the death of the infant.