Gosport family’s hunt for dog owner after pet is savaged

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THE owners of a dog have told of their horror at the moment he was savaged by three others during a walk along the seafront.

Joan Baird, 51, and her daughter Sarah, 29, were walking Sarah’s pet, a terrier named Mr Vegas, at Stokes Bay in Gosport when the attack took place.

And now they are keen to track the owner of the other three dogs to avoid this happening again.

Joan, of Brockhurst Road, said: ‘We’d been looking after Mr Vegas whilst Sarah and her fiance were away on holiday.

‘So when Sarah came over we thought we’d take the dog out for a walk where (my husband) Bill and I had gone with him – it was a nice day. We were getting close to Gilkicker Fort and there was this chap with three Staffordshire bull terriers, or something similar.

‘Sarah was behind me with Vegas, and these three dogs just circled him before attacking him.

‘It all happened so quickly.

‘Vegas was barking and Sarah was screaming – there were two of them shaking him like a rag doll. One of them got hold of his neck and it seemed like an eternity until it let go. Vegas had gone limp and was hyperventilating. It was really horrific.’

But in the confusion, no-one took the other dog owner’s details.

Joan said: ‘Our priority was to get Vegas to the vet’s. In hindsight, we should have made sure we got his name, but we were so worried about Vegas.’

The Bairds rushed the dog to Vets4Pets in Gosport, where he was given emergency surgery on his neck and leg injuries.

‘The vets were wonderful,’ Joan added. ‘He’s on morphine, anti-inflammatories and antibiotics and has a drain in his neck. He’s very shaken up and he clearly doesn’t want to be left on his own.

‘Sarah’s absolutely distraught as well.’

Since the attack at about 2pm on Thursday, the Bairds have been back down to the area, speaking to other dog walkers in a bid to track the man down.

Joan said: ‘I can’t imagine what would have happened if it been a small child, or a lone woman with a dog. We just don’t want this happening to anyone else. I want to protect other dogs, their owners and children.’

The man was about 5ft 10in, in his mid-30s, with short grey or mousy hair.

The dogs were silver/grey, black and black with white patches.

The incident has been reported to the police. Anyone with any information should contact Gosport police on 0845 0454545 or use the Crimestoppers number anonymously on 0800 555111.