Gosport man in rape case tells court he ‘just followed her lead’

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A night of drinking and dressing-up led to consensual sex and not rape, a court heard.

Brent Shaw, 20, is accused of raping a 20-year-old woman at a Gosport flat after a party on March 16 last year, when he was 19.

Shaw yesterday stood in the dock at Portsmouth Crown Court to deny the allegations.

Shaw, of Hilton Road, Gosport, and a male friend of his were at the woman’s flat, along with her sister, drinking spirits.

A video was played to the jury of Shaw’s friend having his belly waxed and Shaw himself having his thigh waxed by the women.

The court heard that shortly before the alleged incident, Shaw went briefly outside the flat where the alleged victim’s sister was on the phone to her boyfriend.

Shaw said he went outside ‘just to see if a friend (the sister) was all right’.

He said he then encountered 
the alleged victim in the corridor of the flat.

Shaw said that without words being spoken, she pulled down her trousers.

He said: ‘I just followed her lead.’

Shaw said the sex lasted for less than a minute.

He said the woman did not protest or struggle, but made approving noises.

Shaw said: ‘She said nothing other than “my sister might catch us”.’

He said that he and the woman then went back into the sitting room.

She rolled them both cigarettes and then made him toast.

Under cross-examination, the prosecution suggested Shaw in fact went outside before the encounter to check whether the victim’s sister was out of the way so he would have the opportunity to have sex with the victim, but Shaw denied this.