Gosport mayor hits back at Pub Watch ban

Gosport mayor Wayne Ronayne with lady mayoress Paula Carter
Gosport mayor Wayne Ronayne with lady mayoress Paula Carter

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THE Mayor of Gosport says he will not resign despite being banned from all the town’s pubs for six months.

Cllr Wayne Ronayne was given a six-month bar and the mayoress Paula Carter was given a 12-month ban by Gosport’s Pub Watch scheme after an incident that happened on the night of his mayor-making ceremony.

But he says that the ban - which he has appealed - is unwarranted and that he did nothing wrong that night, and that he had not even had two drinks by the end of the evening.

Speaking tonight to ITV Meridian, Cllr Ronayne said: ‘After the mayor-making had finished we returned home and we were invited to have a drink in the pub with friends and family. We had one quiet drink. We were refused the sale of alcohol and we were asked to leave. The members of the party we were with did so quite peaceably and there was no suggestion of violence or aggression.’

Cllr Ronayne said he had one drink in the pub, and then a second glass of wine which he did not finish before the group was asked to leave.

He said that he thought the party was told to leave the pub because staff said one person had fallen asleep, but added: ‘I don’t believe that to be the case.’

Cllr Ronayne said he had no intention of resigning.

‘I have been a hard-working councillor,’ he said. ‘There was nothing I did on that night that suggests I am unsuitable to be the mayor of this town. In no way did I warrant the ban that was given to me.’

Leader of the Lib Dem group on Gosport Borough Council Peter Chegwyn said: ‘The mayor should resign because he has clearly broken the code of conduct. He has made himself into a laughing-stock.’

CCTV footage has emerged of the mayoress being refused entry into Nelson’s bar in the town centre.