Gosport ‘neighbour from hell’ is jailed

Gary Makin
Gary Makin
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A NIGHTMARE neighbour has had his prison term invoked after reoffending – just four weeks after being given a suspended sentence.

Gary Makin was sentenced to a year in prison for two counts of intimidation and breaching a restraining order.

The 45-year-old was given the order in order to protect two residents at the flats where he lived in Gorselands Way, Gosport, from further harassment at his hands.

As reported in The News, Makin was in court in January for subjecting the couple to months of abuse.

Andrena Lock and John Newton endured foul language, threats, abuse and loud music at the hands of Makin, who has 143 previous convictions.

Makin, of no fixed abode, was given a one-year suspended sentence, a two-year extension on his restraining order and was ordered to take part in an alcohol treatment programme for nine months.

As it was suspended, it would only kick in if he broke the law again.

But just four weeks after the first court hearing, he went to his mother’s house, in Gosport, and smashed a glass panel in her greenhouse when she did not let him in.

Ten days later, on February 20, Makin went into a Sainsbury’s supermarket and stole £335 of meat, vegetables and beauty products.

Following these offences, he reappeared at Portsmouth Crown Court and Recorder Peter Towler sentenced him to a total of 52 weeks in prison.

Mr Towler said: ‘I have to sentence you for two offences which you admitted on arrest. The first relates to an offence of criminal damage when, in frustration, you broke a pane in your mother’s greenhouse in the early hours of the morning.

‘The second offence is some 10 days later when you went quite brazenly into a store.

‘You filled a trolley when you knew you had no means to pay for it.

‘If this hearing was just for these offences, the sentence wouldn’t have been serious.

‘But they were committed within four and six weeks of a suspended sentence.

‘You did complete six sessions of the alcohol programme which I take into consideration but the seriousness of the original crime means I am sentencing you to 50 weeks.

‘You will serve 14 days for the offence of theft which will run consecutively.

‘For the criminal damage, I will not make a separate punishment.’

Makin’s extension of his restraining order will continue for the original two years once he is released from prison.