Gosport NHS worker bit Queen Alexandra Hospital doctor while high

Shonagh Dillon

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CARER Mark Bucksey was high on drugs when he bit a doctor who was trying to help him.

He had taken the party drug GBL but lost consciousness.

His partner called for an ambulance in the early hours and Bucksey, who works for the NHS in Portsmouth, was taken to Queen Alexandra Hospital, Cosham. But after arriving the 25-year-old was abusive to staff and started thrashing around.

Dr Alex Stoker gave him a drug to sedate him but when he woke up Bucksey bit the doctor on the arm.

Bucksey, of Bournemouth Avenue, Gosport, initially denied a charge of assault causing actual bodily harm but he changed his plea to guilty on the day his trial was due to start at Portsmouth Crown Court.

Recorder David Melville QC said: ‘On the day in question, in the early hours of the morning, you took GBL, a class C drug.

‘The drug, in the quantity you had taken, made you aggravated and uncontrolled and in that state you bit Dr Stoker at the hospital when he was trying to treat you.

‘This caused him not only pain but a considerable upset and distress and inconvenience, including anxiety of his future health.’

He added: ‘I am prepared to accept that you didn’t intend to bite Dr Stoker.

‘You have got a very good position as a carer, which is not an easy job and you have devoted yourself to that for some time.’

Bucksey was given a community order and told to do 150 hours of unpaid work. He has to pay £500 in court costs.

Frank Privett, defending, said: ‘This is entirely out of character.

‘This is a young man of good character who has devoted himself to his work of the care of the elderly and still does.

‘He wrote to the doctor within a day to apologise for what he had done.

‘This is somebody who was not ever likely to trouble the courts and, one can say with more confidence than perhaps is often the case, will not trouble the courts again.’

He said Bucksey’s employers were aware of the assault, which happened in January 2010 and were prepared to let him keep his job.

Detective Constable Andrew Holt said: ‘Dr Stoker was at the end of a hard shift in A&E, he is a surgeon working at the sharp end.

‘Hampshire Constabulary will always treat offences against people looking after members of the community in the most serious manner.’