Gosport noisy neighbour sent to prison

  • Brian Michael, from Gosport, has been jailed for three months after breaching a noise abatement order
  • Fareham court activated his suspended sentence after affected his neighbours standard of living
  • He played loud music and shouting was heard from the property
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A NOISY neighbour who made residents’ lives a misery has been sent to prison for breaching a banning order 12 times.

Magistrates at Fareham court sentenced Brian Michael to three months in jail after he continuously played loud music and shouting was heard from his property in Albert Street, Gosport in April and May this year.

While we have some sympathy, you are in breach of a suspended sentence and committed 12 offences

Chair magistrate Malcolm Hogg

Michael was already serving an eight-month suspended sentence after being convicted of assault in July last year.

The court heard the 40-year-old disrupted the lives of his neighbours who were forced to sleep elsewhere due to the noise.

A statement read out by prosecutor Victoria Hill said one family had to send their young daughter to a relative’s house to sleep because the noise was so bad.

Ms Hill read: ‘The victim said the noise is affecting her standard of living with noise going on until 2am one night and 6am another night.

‘The victim was heavily pregnant and the lack of sleep was making her anxious.’

Michael was served a noise abatement order by Gosport Borough Council officers in April.

But he breached the order on six different dates between April 24 and May 24.

Defending Kate Watts said he had been suffering from mental health issues after his relationship of 16 years broke down and he was not allowed to see his five children. He had also lost his job.

‘He was suffering from depression, anxiety and he had been to see his GP about his problems,’ she said.

‘The way he dealt with his problems was to drink and have people round.

‘He is sorry and he had no idea about the problems he was causing.’

But chairman of the magistrates Malcolm Hogg said they could not ignore the 12 breaches.

‘While we have some sympathy, you are in breach of a suspended sentence and committed 12 offences,’ he said.

‘You upset your neighbours and showed little remorse at the time although we accept you are remorseful now.’

Michael, of Leyton Road, Gosport, was also ordered to pay £200 compensation and £150 court costs.

Items used to make the loud noise were also served for forfeiture including a microphone, an iPod, an iPod dock and speakers for a computer.