Gosport pair fined hundreds for dropping cigarette ends

Vandal smashes window of Hayling Island pub

  • Two people have been fined for dropping cigarette ends in the street
  • Gosport Borough Council prosecuted the pair
  • They were fined hundreds of pounds
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TWO people have been fined hundreds of pounds for dropping cigarette ends on the floor.

Gosport Borough Council prosecuted Stephen Lewis and Jane Gumby at Fareham Magistrates’ Court after they refused to pay an automatic £75 for littering.

We want people to take a pride in where they live and to refrain from littering.

Councillor Graham Burgess

Lewis, of Seaward Towers, in Gosport, dropped a cigarette end at Gosport High Street on April 25.

He was given the chance to pay a fixed penalty of £75 but failed to do so. He was charged with dropping litter.

Lewis was made to pay compensation of £75 and a fine of £50. He was also charged court costs of £200 and a £20 victim surcharge.

Gumby, of Gale Moor Avenue in Gosport, was prosecuted for the same offence after throwing a cigarette end out of her car window on June 24 in South Street, Gosport. She also failed to pay the £75 fixed penalty notice.

She pleaded guilty by post to the offence and was fined £75, made to pay £200 courts and victim surcharge of £20.

Councillor Graham Burgess, chairman of the community board, said: ‘We want people to take a pride in where they live and to refrain from littering.

‘In order to stop the unsightly littering and fly-tipping, those caught will be fined or taken to court to reimburse for their appalling behaviour.’