Gosport woman in £16,000 con to repay just £136

JAILED Bridget Sharpe
JAILED Bridget Sharpe
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SHE cheated her sick elderly father out of £16,000.

Now Bridget Sharpe has been told to repay just £136.

The 54-year-old was ordered to hand the money over to 84-year-old Peter Sharpe at a hearing at Portsmouth Crown Court yesterday after the judge heard that was all she had.

Prosecutor Louise Howard said Sharpe had two accounts, one of which had £126 in while the other had just £10.

Recorder Stewart Patterson gave her 28 days to pay the money.

If she fails to hand it over she will be jailed for another week.

As previously reported in The News, Sharpe, of Welch Road, Gosport, was jailed for a year in March for draining her father’s bank account over four years.

To the outside world she was a respectable grandmother who ran the Salvation Army charity shop in Gosport.

But when her family discovered what she had been up to they disowned her.

She was arrested after another relative spoke to the bank about missing money.

Sharpe had repeatedly forged his signature to write cheques to herself and used his bank card to withdraw cash between 2007 and 2011.

Sentencing her Judge Susan Evans said: ‘This was sustained dishonestly in breach of trust against a vulnerable victim.’