Gosport woman launches petition over fight for missing sister’s case files

APPEAL Natasha Lee and, inset, how Katrice might look now
APPEAL Natasha Lee and, inset, how Katrice might look now
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A WOMAN is urging News readers to join her fight for police case files into the disappearance of her sister to be released.

Katrice Lee was two when she went missing 30 years ago from a German military base where her father was stationed.

APPEAL How Katrice might look now

APPEAL How Katrice might look now

Her sister Natasha, from Gosport, is fighting for case files held by the Royal Military Police (RMP) because of her family’s fears the initial investigation was mishandled.

To raise awareness of their plight, Natasha and her friend Wendy Gray will set up a stall in Gosport’s High Street this month for people to sign a petition.

Natasha, 37, said: ‘It’s all about getting justice for Katrice.

‘We are pushing for the RMP to release Katrice’s case files to an independent body for review.

‘They say it isn’t in their interest to release the files because they are working on the case but we aren’t asking for the files from now.

‘We want the files from 1981 to be reviewed by another police body.

‘My mother doesn’t believe the investigation was done in a timely fashion.

‘We need over 100,000 people to sign the petition to hopefully get this to the government.’

Experts from the Missing People charity have compiled an age-progressed photograph showing what Katrice might look like now.

The youngster went missing on November 28, 1981 – her second birthday – from a shopping centre in Schloss.

Natasha’s friend Wendy Gray, from Gosport, created an online petition to put pressure on the RMP to release the files.

The 39-year-old said: ‘It’s something I wanted to do to ease the load on Natasha and I’m hoping the people of Gosport can help.

‘We just want to get her name out there and get the files released.

‘I think her family deserves some answers after all this time.’

Wendy will set up the stand in Gosport’s High Street on April 21, outside the Post Office.

Natasha hopes it will help raise awareness of her sister’s story.

She added: ‘For a long time she has been the girl that everybody forgot.

‘A lot of people don’t even realise she is missing. Some people, because it all went quiet, think that she was found. We are doing things like this in the hope that somebody sees her picture and thinks “I know her”.’

The Ministry of Defence says it cannot release the files as the investigation is ongoing.

Sign the petition for the release of Katrice Lee’s case files.