Gosport woman with Asbo for targeting men is back in prison

Portsmouth Crown Court
Portsmouth Crown Court
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DISGRACEFUL Hayley Darby was locked up for stealing from vulnerable men.

And now she’s been sent back after asking a man for £10.

The 31-year-old was banned from asking anyone not in her family for money at an Asbo hearing last year.

But after being released from prison she asked a man for £10 twice over two days – breaching the Asbo.

She admitted the breach and must serve eight months in prison after a hearing at Portsmouth Crown Court.

As reported in The News last year, pictured, Darby pleaded guilty to three counts of theft and two of attempted theft at Portsmouth Crown Court on July 26 and was sentenced to 16 months in prison.

She was given an Asbo banning her from offering sex for cash after she targeted a string of vulnerable men, winning their trust and stealing from them.

Now Darby, of Inverness Road, Gosport, is back in prison after asking the man for £10 on March 27 and 28.

A previous victim, who was conned out of cash after she told him they were together, has spoken to The News on condition of anonymity.

The 40-year-old from Gosport said: ‘It’s a bit disgusting really.

‘I got warned by the police that she was out in Gosport.

‘She should be made accountable for what she’s done. She should be made to do something for the community. I hope that she gets some help. She should be made to move out of the area.’

Darby’s previous victims, the eldest of whom was 79, suffered from problems, such as a serious head injury and alcoholism, and included one man who was supported by social services because of poor mental health.

Some victims agreed to pay her for sex but she stole from them when she went to their homes, police said.

Police feared there could be hundreds more victims.

PC Kerri Harris said: ‘This is a welcome outcome.

‘The Asbo has also been amended so that on release Ms Darby will not be allowed to contact this man directly or indirectly.

‘This Asbo is a valuable tool in helping to protect vulnerable members of the public and upon release Darby will continue to be monitored closely. A lack of respect for the community is never tolerated.’

The Asbo runs until July 26, 2018.