Hampshire Police Federation calls chiefs asking for redundancy powers a ‘betrayal’

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THE man who represents rank-and-file police said chiefs considering asking for the power to make officers redundant will be seen as a betrayal.

Hampshire Police Federation chairman John Apter’s comments come after an announcement from the National Police Chiefs’ Council.

It said it would decide next month if it would ask the government for compulsory redundancy powers.

In a statement Mr Apter said: ‘For the National Police Chiefs’ Council to even consider requesting compulsory severance to be introduced will be seen as a betrayal by hard-working, dedicated officers across the country.

‘If taken forward this would reopen the debate on whether police officers should have industrial rights.

‘If police officers are to be treated as employees then, understandably, many will ask that they have the same employment rights.’

Currently police officers cannot be made compulsorily redundant.

The NPCC is considering asking for the power as forces face huge cuts. An NPCC spokesman said: ‘As part of this, chiefs will decide next month whether we should reluctantly ask the Home Secretary to introduce compulsory redundancy.’