Hampshire police have new mobile device to fight crime

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POLICE officers across Hampshire are using a new mobile computer system to take witness statements.

The online devices enable bobbies to spend more time on the beat and less time doing paper work in the office.

Instead of taking handwritten notes, officers record statements directly onto the digital record which can be annotated but not changed, thereby maintaining the integrity of the statement in court.

Witnesses, including police officers, can then sign their statement using the terminal’s touch-screen, at which point the time and date is recorded electronically on the system.

A pilot scheme launched in Gosport in October last year saved 160 hours of police time within three months. The technology is now being rolled out for full-time use in Havant, Waterlooville and Park Gate.

Chief inspector Cleave Faulkner, who is the force’s mobile lead, said: ‘It’s a fantastic step for policing, one that we are very proud to be launching here in Hampshire.

‘It allows statement-taking to become a clearer, more accurate, standardised process.’