Hampshire police left using food voucher – county’s Police Federation chairman

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THE man who represents rank-and-file police in the county has said some officers are using food vouchers.

Hampshire Police Federation chairman John Apter quizzed home secretary Amber Rudd at the Police Federation conference.

Speaking at the conference he said: ‘In my force we have a police welfare fund which is a registered charity.

‘Officers are now going to the welfare fund for food vouchers so they can put food on the table or fuel in their car. So the quote you used about doing what’s right for the country, is that right?’

Afterwards Mr Apter added: ‘Our new recruits start on less than £20,000 a year and they are struggling. Many of them have taken substantial pay cuts to join the police.

‘But they’re not the only ones that are being affected.

‘We’ve got officers, mid-service officers, who because of a life-changing situation, maybe a separation or divorce or they get posted to a location much further than where they live, they simply can’t afford to put food on the table.’