Hampshire police officers sworn in as Bermudian specials

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SIXTEEN Hampshire police officers have been sworn in as specials in the Bermuda Police service in a UK first.

The 14 detectives and two staff investigators were sworn in at the force’s headquarters in Netley by Commissioner of Bermuda Police Michael DeSilva.

It means the officers now have powers to arrest suspects on board Bermuda-registered vessels in Hampshire ports.

The memorandum of understanding between the two forces is the result of work led by Sergeant Paul Campbell in support of Assistant Chief Constable David Pryde’s police lead of the national maritime portfolio.

Sgt Campbell said: ‘Geography dictates that it is difficult for Bermudian police to get here in time, which can cause delays critical to the investigation.

‘While such investigations are not overly frequent, it is really important that we have these powers in place in order to perform a proper investigation, and, most importantly, provide an excellent service in supporting victims of crime.

Chief Constable Andy Marsh and Hampshire police and crime commissioner Simon Hayes attended the ceremony.