Hampshire police officers tackle anti-social behaviour

Vicky Beckett back in her car after it had been professionally cleaned     

Picture: Habibur Rahman

City carer disgusted after vandals broke into her car and urinated all over the interior – but did not steal anything

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HAMPSHIRE Constabulary’s summer anti-social behaviour campaign has ended on a high note as results show a dramatic decrease in crime.

Throughout the summer officers in the area have been involved in a number of activities to tackle anti-social behaviour.

Officers in Havant worked with their colleagues in Waterlooville to put a stop to the problem of motorbikes being ridden and dumped in Havant Thicket.

Their patrols resulted in warnings being issued to people caught riding their bikes illegally in the area.

If they are caught again within the next 12 months, their vehicles can be seized.

Officers from the safer neighbourhood teams in Fareham and Park Gate tackled the problem of dangerous cycling on pavements.

Some offenders were given a warning, a £30 fine or just a verbal warning.

Inspector Mark Hull, who led the campaign, said: ‘The decrease in so many areas of anti-social behaviour reflects the efforts made by our officers across the force.

‘Despite this year’s success, during a particularly busy summer with high demand on policing, there is no time to be complacent.

‘Tackling anti-social behaviour is a year-round priority and we still have a lot of work to do to continue to reduce the level of anti-social behaviour across the force.’

At the end of the three-month campaign, there had been reductions in street drinking, rowdy behaviour, noise nuisance, littering and trespassing.

For more information about anti-social behaviour levels in your neighbourhood visit crimereports.co.uk.