Hampshire Police pay officer nearly £5,000 over cut finger

A cannabis factory
A cannabis factory

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A POLICEWOMAN sued the Hampshire force for nearly £5,000 after she cut her thumb while cleaning up a cannabis factory in Southsea.

Kerry Ann Taylor, 34, won £4,837 by arguing that the force breached its duty as an employer by exposing her to fumes and failing to provide thick gloves.

The PC injured herself when she tried to open a window and put her hand through it.

Fumes from cannabis plants in the property had made her feel ill and she wanted to let in some fresh air.

It has cost the force £145,000 in legal costs to take the case to London’s Court of Appeal in a bid to try and ­overturn the ruling.

PC Taylor’s lawyer Andrew Roy, told the appeal judges: ‘The only protective equipment provided was thin latex gloves.

‘There was limited ventilation and her case, accepted by the judge, was she was suffering the effects of inhaling ­cannabis fumes.’

Geoffrey Weddell, for the police force, told the judges: ‘PC Taylor had simply not been ­allocated any task that required the provision of thick gloves.’

He added: ‘It is absurd to suggest the chief constable ought to have provided such gloves.’