Hampshire police pay system '˜lurching from one crisis to another'

THE man who represents rank-and-file police has criticised a back-office partnership after a blunder in paying 3,003 police officers.

Friday, 18th March 2016, 6:01 am
John Apter

Hampshire police uses H3, a partnership set up with Hampshire County Council, police and fire service.

Earlier this week the force revealed a mistake had been made over payments for loss of holiday pay.

Correcting the error has cost the force £207,032 – compared with £180,180 if it had opted for the same method initially.

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It comes just a month after 1,300 officers were incorrectly paid.

Hampshire Police Federation chairman John Apter said: ‘Since the introduction of H3 we have lurched from one crisis to another.

‘There have been numerous issues including large scale errors which have affected officers pay.

‘We have now reached the point that when an officer looks at their payslip it’s a guessing game as to whether it is correct or not, this is totally unacceptable.

‘Police officers now have little if any confidence in H3 providing even the most basic of services, the partnership has no credibility amongst those it has let down.

‘With the ongoing issues it is clear H3 is not delivering the promises it made.

‘It is not fit for purpose and a rethink on the future delivery of these services is now required.’

Instead of paying a £60 flat rate payment to each officer, those working in H3 tried to pay each officer according to their circumstance. The £60 payment was recommended by the federation.