Hampshire’s top cop is positive on the future

MESSAGE Alex Marshall is leaving the force but is optimistic about the coming year
MESSAGE Alex Marshall is leaving the force but is optimistic about the coming year
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THE outgoing chief constable of Hampshire Constabulary has said that he is confident crime levels will continue to fall in the county.

Chief Constable Alex Marshall has also praised volunteers across the county as one of the reasons for the fall in reported crimes.

In his new year message, he said: ‘My job is to protect the people of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight from those who would cause them harm.

‘By April, I am confident that crime levels in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight will have fallen for five years in a row.

‘House burglaries are at the lowest level since our records began, at around 10 per day across our two counties with a population of 1.9m residents.

‘One of the great successes in the Olympics was volunteering.

‘We have lots of volunteers in the constabulary, with more than 1,000 people giving up time as Special constables and a variety of other roles.

‘Neighbourhood Watch is very active, with more than 150,000 households being members of the scheme in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

‘I’ve no doubt this citizen involvement has contributed to big falls in crime.

‘In 2013 I encourage everyone to get involved in some way in helping to make our towns and villages safe and pleasant places to live.

‘The good and caring residents massively outnumber those who commit crime and cause trouble.

‘We will pursue the criminals and we will maintain a neighbourhood team in every area.

‘I am grateful for all the support shown to my officers and staff in 2012 and we look forward to protecting and serving you in 2013.’

Mr Marshall takes up the role of the first chief executive of the new National College of Policing in February.