‘Hand yourself in’: Portsmouth mum’s video plea to hit and run driver who left her with fractured pelvis

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A MOTHER badly hurt by a hit-and-run driver says they must be found before someone is killed.

Debbie Byrne was left lying in the middle of the road with a fractured pelvis after a speeding car went the wrong way through the junction outside St Mary’s Church, Fratton, hit her, then sped off.

SPEAKING OUT Debbie Byrne was hurt by a hit-and-run driver. '      Picture: Sarah Standing (150864-8345)

SPEAKING OUT Debbie Byrne was hurt by a hit-and-run driver. ' Picture: Sarah Standing (150864-8345)

The 54-year-old had enjoyed a night out with her husband Peter when she was hit at 10.30pm on Saturday, May 2.

Now Mrs Byrne, a mum-of-three from Paulsgrove Road, North End, has appealed to the culprit to hand themselves in and said she believes others are at risk from the irresponsible driver unless they are caught.

She said: ‘I’d like to say to the driver, “hand yourself in. If you’ve got a conscience, contact the police”.

‘If he or she does it again they could kill someone next time.

‘If anyone out there knows the person who did this, please let the police know.

‘I’m in an awful lot of pain. I have two fractures in my pelvis, my head swelled up to almost double the size and I have a blood blister on it.

‘At first the doctors thought my back was broken but I actually have a squeezed lumber and it’s excruciating.

‘As soon as I wake up in the morning I have to take painkillers. I don’t think I could get out of bed without them.

‘But I still count myself a very lucky lady. It could have been so much worse.’

Mr and Mrs Byrne decided to walk home after a birthday party in Southsea.

The crash happened as Mrs Byrne stepped out into St Mary’s Road, at the junction with Fratton Road, in the middle traffic island.

The car came from the north and should have turned left at the slip road into St Mary’s Road.

Instead it turned left at the traffic island.

Mrs Byrne said: ‘I didn’t see the car coming, I didn’t even feel the hit. I had to ask my husband what happened – it was all so fast.

‘I remember being flung up in the air and landing on my back and feeling my head bounce in the middle of the road.

‘The lights of the car were in my face at it drove. It went so fast no-one could even see what colour it was.’

Anyone with information should call police on 101 quoting 44150148275 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.