Havant-based radio station offers advice to loan shark victims

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NOSTALGIA radio station Angel Radio has put together films to try and stop older people falling victim to loan sharks.

The Havant-based station is working with the England Illegal Money Lending Team which works with Trading Standards to investigate and prosecute loan sharks.

They found that 25 per cent of the victims they have helped in the past year were older than 55.

Angel Radio worked with the team to produce a series of adverts aimed at the more mature listener to be aired on their digital DAB service.

Station founder Tony Smith said: ‘Our station is aimed at an older audience and our listeners often tell us about cold callers, distraction burglaries and purse snatchers, but borrowing from loan sharks has, until now, been something they seem ashamed to admit.

‘By ringing the 0300 555 2222 number they will be able to talk in confidence and be provided with access to information and support.’