Havant man blurts out drug secret to police patrol

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A MAN caught in possession of cannabis by a policeman out on a routine patrol blabbed: ‘I’m a dealer.’

Lee Seymour, 32, who was approached by the officer after being spotted acting suspiciously, immediately admitted that he had a bag of cannabis in his coat pocket.

Daniel Sawyer, prosecuting at Portsmouth Crown Court, said: ‘The officer went to search that pocket and Mr Seymour said “there’s quite a few bags because I’m a dealer”.’

‘Mr Seymour was quite right. There were in fact 33 bags on him.’

Seymour was arrested and then told police: ‘I’ve got more at my home address.’

Police then searched Seymour’s home where they found 24 small bags of cannabis and a carrier bag containing just over six ounces of the class B drug.

Officers also seized £650 cash from the property and £50 from Seymour. The drugs had an estimated street value of £3,780.

The court heard Seymour turned to drug dealing after experiencing financial difficulties and that his behaviour was ‘out of character’.

Seymour, of Camelia Close, Havant, pleaded guilty to one count of possessing a cannabis with intent to supply.

He was sentenced to eight months in jail suspended for 18 months and put under supervision for a year. Seymour was ordered to take part in eight sessions to address his drinking.

Judge Roger Hetherington, sentencing, said: ‘You readily acknowledged to the police that you were a dealer and you accept that you did that deliberately because you were in financial difficulties and have used it for financial gain.

‘You recognise that you were extremely foolish to have done that rather than go to your family for support and assistance who would have been able to help you, in some way at any rate.’

An order was made for the drugs to be forfeited and destroyed.

Seymour was ordered to repay £698.99 of his criminal gains within 28 days under the Proceeds of Crime Act.