Havant police crack down on dealers after a day of drug busts

POLICE have warned they will continue to get tough on drugs after a day of busts led to arrests.

Thursday, 20th October 2016, 5:55 am
Updated Tuesday, 25th October 2016, 8:59 pm

Neighbourhood policing teams took action in Leigh Park, West Leigh and Bedhampton in an attempt to stamp out ‘transient drug networks’.

Two cars were stopped for being connected to drug offences, and seized for document offences.

A moped, which was connected to drug offences, was seized after failing to stop for officers.

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Three men were detained for warrants for failing to appear at court, and a fourth was arrested on suspicion of assault and burglary.

Another man was reported to court for possession of cannabis. Police say the arrests are not being linked.

Havant district PCSO Chris Dove said the day was ‘successful’ after receiving intelligence from the public.

He said: ‘We’re aware of drug-dealing taking place across the Havant area, and we rely on members of the public telling us about what is happening and where.’

Although the arrests and seizures were not carried out as part of a large-scale investigation, police have encouraged further co-operation from members of the public.

PCSO Dove added: ‘Drugs and their use lead to many other community problems, and it is an issue that many people tell us they want removed from where they live and work.’

Mayor of Havant Cllr Faith Ponsonby says she is particularly concerned about drug use in Leigh Park.

She said: ‘It’s seems apparent there is a sub-culture of drug use in the area and unfortunately it’s often seen as acceptable. This means that children and young people see it happening, and things like needles are left easily at their disposal in the town centre.

‘We need to try to work on a situation where people using drugs can get help to come off of them.’

Councillor Kenneth Smith acknowledges there is a minority of drug users in his ward of Bedhampton.

He said: ‘I often notice drug paraphernalia when I am at Bidbury Mead park. I welcome any initiative from police in trying to stop this, and in my ward I’m very happy with what the police are doing.’

Anyone aware of any drug-related activity, such as dealing or cannabis cultivation, has been asked to call police on 101, or CrimeStoppers on 0800 555 111.