Havant woman heard screams coming from ‘torture’ flat

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A NEIGHBOUR of a flat where a man was allegedly tortured with an iron has told how she heard screaming.

Eugen Voinea, 38, was allegedly stabbed and burnt by Darren Harrison for his bank PIN number at the flat he was staying at in Chidham Walk, Havant.

Gemma Rose said she heard screams but thought it was Graham Foster-Middleton, who lived in the flat.

He had previously told her he was ex-military and suffered post-traumatic stress and had nightmares.

‘We put the noises down to this and that is why we didn’t call the police,’ she said.

‘I was woken up by a banging noise coming from the room directly above our bedroom.

‘I also heard a male’s voice shout “no, no, no”.

‘The voice seemed like the male was in a state of panic. I also heard the male scream.’

She was woken again a bit later and again heard screaming.

‘I think I could hear these noises for about half-an-hour, then I fell back to sleep again.’

It wasn’t until later in the day in May last year that she saw blood in the communal area of the flats, Portsmouth Crown Court heard.

Harrison, 42, of Billy Lawn Avenue, Leigh Park, denies grievous bodily harm with intent, robbery and false imprisonment.

Foster-Middleton, 46, of Chidham Walk, Havant, faces the same charges as Harrison, but is not being tried at this point as he is seriously ill in hospital.