Have-a-go hero catches Gosport burglar in the act

Cyclist injured in Gosport robbery

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A HAVE-A-GO hero helped bring a burglar to justice – even after the thief threatened him with a pair of scissors.

Joshua Clarke raided Sheer Glamour hairdressers in Forton Road, Gosport, but when Gregory Buss heard the commotion from the flat above he was determined not to let him get away.

Mr Buss followed Clarke who tried to cycle off on his bike.

In his desperation to get away the hapless crook fell off his bike, crucially dropping a cigarette butt as he did so.

With Mr Buss in pursuit Clarke turned on him and pulled out a pair of scissors he had stolen, swore at him and threatened to stab him if he didn’t go away.

But still Mr Buss refused to give up and followed the thief home, pointing out which flat he went into when the police turned up the next day.

He even managed to show the officers the cigarette butt Clarke dropped, which they took away and found a match for his DNA.

Clarke, who has 38 previous convictions for burglary, was arrested and denied the offence, which happened in April.

But in the face of the overwhelming evidence he changed his plea to guilty.

Matthew Jewell, defending, said Clarke, of Inverness Road, Gosport, had been addicted to class A drugs since the age of nine.

He asked Portsmouth Crown Court to give him rehabilitation rather than jail him.

‘If he goes back to prison his drug use is very likely to continue,’ Mr Jewell said.

‘One only needs to look at his antecedent history to see what will happen when he is released.’

He added: ‘It may be that this is a man who is starting to grow up.

‘He appreciates that he needs to, he understands that now very clearly.’

Judge Sarah Munro QC adjourned the case to see if a place could be found for Clarke to have drug treatment.

‘We all know the temptations,’ she said.

‘This man has been tempted since the age of nine.

‘I would like further inquiries to be made as to whether there’s a residential placement available.’

She added: ‘I want to help you but I want to make it realistic.

‘That’s why I am going to put the matter back to make inquiries.’

Clarke was remanded in custody to be sentenced on November 16 when the judge will decide whether to jail him or give him drug treatment.