‘He was drenched in blood’ – Portsmouth pub workers race to save attack victim

King Street Tavern staff, left to right, Beren Marshall, 20, Kate Hutchison, 21, manager Mike Bailey, 28 and Matt Lucas, 23.''Picture by:  Malcolm Wells
King Street Tavern staff, left to right, Beren Marshall, 20, Kate Hutchison, 21, manager Mike Bailey, 28 and Matt Lucas, 23.''Picture by: Malcolm Wells
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TWO pub workers have told of the terrifying moment a man ‘drenched in blood’ burst through the doors begging for help.

Quick-thinking Mike Bailey and Matt Lucas were at the King Street Tavern, in Portsmouth, on Saturday night when an injured man knocked on the pub door saying he had been attacked.

The pair, who were preparing the pub for closing time just before midnight, jumped into action along with fellow staff members and customers after the incident.

Police have since arrested but released a man on suspicion of attempted murder.

Manager Mike helped stem the bleeding, putting pressure on the wound while Matt called an ambulance.

Mike, 28, said: ‘It was about 11.50pm when a guy walked up to the window in the front door, knocking for help.

‘We went to immediately let him in. He was bleeding quite heavily from the face and was covered in blood.

‘He was drenched in it. It was everywhere. He told us he had been attacked.

‘We sat him down and helped to try and stop the bleeding.’

Matt, 23, was speaking to the ambulance service who were giving advice on what the pair should do.

Armed police arrived at the pub with shields and guns around 10 minutes later, Matt said, quickly followed by paramedics who took over care of the man.

Police are investigating the assault which happened on Middle Street.

The 20-year-old victim, who was from Birmingham, was taken to Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham.

His condition was described as ‘serious but stable’.

Police shut off Middle Street and Eldon Street on Sunday, along with a car park near the University of Portsmouth.

Mike added: ‘He came to the pub and asked for help, we responded automatically.

‘It didn’t matter who he was, where he had come from or what happened. We just knew we had to help him.

‘Nothing else was running through my mind at that time. Now I look back and it was all a bit shocking but I didn’t feel like that at the time.’

Matt said the area surrounding the pub is not prone to violence and they have not had any trouble in the past.

He added: ‘We are lucky in this area that there aren’t any problems.’

Despite comments on social media, the pub staff are keen to point out the assault happened further down the northern end of Middle Street, not outside the pub.

Witnesses should call 101 quoting Op Verge.

Manager’s pride in staff who helped save attack victim

THE boss of pub staff who helped a man who had been attacked has praised his team for their quick actions.

Sean Marshall, co-owner of the King Street Tavern, said everyone is proud of the staff who helped treat the man.

Mr Marshall said: ‘All of the staff were at some point affected and they all rallied around.

‘It must have been absolutely harrowing.

‘Obviously it goes without saying we’re exceedingly proud of how they reacted in the situation.’

He added: ‘The staff leaped into action, as did the customers. My manager on duty, Mike Bailey, and the rest of the staff were fantastic.’