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A WARNING has been issued over drinking cheap vodka bought abroad following the death of a Polish man.

West Sussex Trading Standards, based in Chichester, is warning people of the potentially fatal consequences of cheap vodka.

It follows the death of a Polish man living in Worthing from methanol poisoning – which has now been linked to a Polish bottle of vodka.

The laboratory analysis showed the vodka contained 40 per cent methanol.

Methanol is the simplest chemical form of alcohol.

Unlike ethanol – drinking alcohol – it can be very toxic even in low quantities.

The vodka was not a fake of a genuine brand, but is believed to have been a personal import from Poland.

There is no evidence that the vodka is currently available for supply in the UK.

Councillor Christine Field, who oversees Trading Standards, said: ‘This was a tragic death.

‘That is why we are issuing a warning and reminding shopkeepers who specialise in Eastern European food and drink that they should be on their guard.’