Heartbreak as pet cat is mauled to death by dog

Amanda Kerrigan who's cat Tink was fatally mauled by a dog outside her home in Gosport
Amanda Kerrigan who's cat Tink was fatally mauled by a dog outside her home in Gosport
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A MUM has told of her horror after her cat was mauled to death by a dog.

Amanda Kerrigan says she and her five children are distraught after much-loved family pet Tink was attacked by an alsatian outside their home.



The dog was being walked by a man and was on a lead at the time.

But five-year-old Tink was not strong enough to fend the dog off and was left so badly injured he had to be put down after being set upon.

Mrs Kerrigan, 40, said: ‘I was lying in bed and I could hear all this commotion outside so I looked out of the window.

‘A man was walking his dogs and one of the dogs was mauling Tink.

‘I said “get off my cat”. My daughter ran to pick Tink up.

‘I had to have him put down the next day.

‘The vets actually said they had never seen a cat so distressed.

‘His back leg was completely broken, his front claws were completely shattered where he had been trying to get away and he had internal injuries.’

Now Mrs Kerrigan, of Franklin Road, Gosport, is warning other cat owners to watch out for their pets.

She said: ‘We had had him since he was a kitten.

‘We’ve been in this house four years and we have never had any problems here before.

‘My daughter was absolutely distraught.

‘She’s just staying in her room. She’s crying constantly.

‘I want to warn other owners not to let their cats out at night time or if they do, do it with caution.

‘I couldn’t bear for anything like this to happen to anyone else.

‘I’m having trouble sleeping. Every time I go to bed I can’t get the noise and what I saw out of my head.

‘He was a long haired white cat, he was absolutely beautiful. He had two black stripes on his head.’

Mrs Kerrigan, who knows who the dog is owned by, said the incident has been reported to the council’s dog warden.