Hit-and-run girl is now scared to go out with friends

HURT Georgya Couttie, 13, who had her foot badly injured as she tried to avoid a car that nearly knocked her down
HURT Georgya Couttie, 13, who had her foot badly injured as she tried to avoid a car that nearly knocked her down
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THE family of a hit-and-run victim say the ordeal has left her too scared to leave the house – and are angry that the driver responsible seems to have been playing a game of ‘chicken’ that went wrong.

Georgya Couttie was looking forward to a sleepover with her friend when they popped to the local shop to buy some treats, along with two of her younger sisters. On the way back, close to her home in Bramdean Drive, Leigh Park, the 13-year-old Park Community School pupil could see a car some way off in the distance.

As she was crossing the black Vauxhall Corsa type vehicle came hurtling towards her. She was unable to jump out of the way in time and the driver ran over her foot and drove off, leaving her in agony.

Georgia’s sisters ran home to alert their mother Michelle Martin.

Mrs Martin, 33, said: ‘The girls were just hysterical and when I got to Georgya her friend was holding her up.

‘She was only wearing sandals because it was a warm night. The car broke a bone in her toe, ripped the nail off and tore off lumps of skin.

‘She has become such a nervous person.

‘She won’t go out when it’s getting dark, she just can’t cope with it at the moment.

‘She has changed from a happy, outgoing, normal teenager. It’s really knocked her confidence.’

Georgya’s step-father Rob Martin described the driver as a ‘boy racer’.

He said: ‘They were crossing the carriageway and there was no car coming, plenty of room to cross when, suddenly, they heard a roar.

‘My first instinct when they told me that was, it was a boy racer.

‘He could literally have bowled the whole lot of them over. He must have been going at a hell of a rate of knots.

‘Georgya was in front of the other children and they stepped back but she obviously saw it a little too late. But it was so lucky it didn’t hit her body.

‘He basically veered into them. He obviously thought, “I’ll have a little fun here”.

‘He was having a game of chicken with them and it went wrong.’

Georgya has undergone emergency surgery to remove the lacerated skin on her right foot, and plastic surgery to try to rebuild the nail bed.

On Thursday she had to have an operation to remove the grit embedded in her foot. The accident happened on August 22 at 8.45pm.

The driver was black and the car was black with blacked out rear windows and black alloy wheels.

Anyone with information can call Havant police on 101 or Crimestoppers, on 0800 555 111.