Holidaymaker is savaged by two dogs

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A MAN suffered a serious bite to his bicep and several arm lacerations after being attacked by two dogs.

The 27-year-old holidaymaker was walking with his dog in fields next to White Horse Caravan Park, off Paddock Lane, Selsey.

The two dogs who got aggressive were described as a Staffy Cross and a ‘wiry haired’ breed.

Two men, believed to be the owners, eventually managed to get the two dogs away from the victim, who by this stage was holding his own dog in his arms. They said they were from Peckham and that ‘this happens weekly’. One is described as tall with short hair almost shaved.

The victim, from Norwich, was treated at St Richard’s Hospital in Chichester

His dog, a Labrador Staffordshire cross, needed stitches to its ear. The attack happened at about 8.15pm on June 22. Call 101.