Hotline set up to help clients of ‘barrister’ who was struck off

Jackie Jordan, from Verisona Law, is working to support victims of Yvonne Turley. ''Picture: Allan Hutchings (14692-159) PPP-140603-165343003
Jackie Jordan, from Verisona Law, is working to support victims of Yvonne Turley. ''Picture: Allan Hutchings (14692-159) PPP-140603-165343003
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A PHONE hotline has been set up to give legal help to former clients of a ‘barrister’ who was struck off last month.

Yvonne Turley was disbarred by the Bar Standards Board, the organisation that regulates barristers, on February 10 after complaints were made about her.

At the hearing, it was revealed she was not entitled to describe herself as a barrister.

Today, Verisona Law, in collaboration with The News, has announced it is offering advice to clients who have been aggrieved by Ms Turley.

Since this paper’s investigation was published on Monday’s front page, a number of people who enlisted her help with their employment tribunals have contacted us.

Many of them have similar stories.

Jackie Jordan, a debt and asset recovery specialist at Verisona Law, is already assisting a number of Turley’s clients.

Jackie has agreed to give advice to those clients who feel they have lost out financially.

She said: ‘Yvonne Turley has caused people considerable hardship and many are now asking what they can do to get justice and recover their losses.

‘Generally there are various avenues in situations such as this, but these depend on the circumstances and not least on the other party’s finances.

‘Unfortunately, unless there are assets, there is little point in suing for financial damages.

‘You would simply be throwing good money after bad.

‘There are other solutions which we are examining for people affected by Ms Turley that might avoid the necessity of going to court.’

Earlier this week, The News reported a number of complaints were made to the Bar Standards Board, which led to a panel of five deciding she should be disbarred for misleading clients about her professional status ,and lying to one client about submitting his paper work to an employment tribunal.

The panel, chaired by His Honour Judge Stuart Sleeman, found Ms Turley, known to the organisation as Yvonne Lloyd, had ‘engaged in conduct that was dishonest’.

When approached by The News, Ms Turley, who lives in Hampshire Street in Buckland, said she did not wish to comment.

Verisona Law is offering advice to anyone who feels their case was wrongly dealt with by Yvonne Turley.

Jackie Jordan, a debt and asset recovery specialist has issued some general advice, below.

n Revisiting court awards

Ms Turley did win cases but some clients report they never received the award. If the ex-employer never paid, it could be possible to collect the money owed by them now.

This is a simple, inexpensive debt recovery process that may involve little more than a solicitor’s letter.

n Professional indemnity insurance

This covers professional practices against financial claims arising due to mistakes they have made, such as giving bad advice or failing to meet a deadline.

Ms Turley allegedly failed to submit papers in time to employment tribunals and cases could not be heard as a result.

Verisona is investigating whether she had professional indemnity cover in force at the time.

n Credit card companies

Credit card companies are party to the agreement if you buy a product or service this way. If something goes wrong it may be possible to claim a refund and damages from them.

If you paid Ms Turley this way, take advice.

n Call the police

If you suspect a crime such as theft was involved, call the police. At the very least evidence gathered could assist your claim.

n Jackie Jordan from Verisona can be contacted by anyone who feels their case was mishandled by Ms Turley by calling 023 9231 2069.