Hovering helicopter noise not popular with Portsmouth residents

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THE noise of a police helicopter training late at night in Hilsea, Portsmouth, sparked complaints.

Following a high-speed chase down the M3 from Farnborough on Wednesday night, the Sussex police helicopter remained over the area from 10pm until around 11pm.

Police said it had not been called out on any other jobs and was taking the opportunity to carry out routine training.

But 81-year-old Ted Prestridge, of Barham Way, Hilsea, said: ‘The noise was bad.

‘It went on for a good 20 minutes and then it flew off towards Chichester.

‘I was very annoyed to tell you the truth.

‘It woke me up and I got out of bed to find out what was going on.’

On Twitter, Laura Newton said: ‘The search helicopter over the creek area in Cosham is incredibly loud and a little bit eerie.’

Jo Horne tweeted: ‘The police helicopter over north Portsmouth is REALLY annoying.

‘I need to sleep!’