How Portsmouth police are using a covert sting to catch thieves targeting cars

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TRAP cars have been deployed to lure in thieves only for them to be filmed by police and then arrested.

Officers tackling a ‘spate of theft from cars and vans’ used the tactic to find who may have been responsible.

In an update to neighbourhood watch members, Inspector David Knowles said the string of thefts happened over several months.

Key places targeted by thieves include the Nuffield Centre and Mountbatten Centre.

CCTV has been upgraded, lights have been improved and staff have been patrolling the hotspots.

Insp Knowles said: ‘Portsmouth police have had success with “trap” vehicles, where on separate occasions, thieves were caught after stealing a high value item.

‘We will continue to use such tactics.’

He is warning people not to leave valuables on display in their cars as laptops, phones and satnavs have been stolen.

Anyone with information should call police on 101.