Huge £1.5m cash injection to battle cyber crime increase

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MAJOR cash boost has been given to the police in the battle against cyber criminals.

Simon Hayes, Hampshire’s police and crime commissioner, announced £1.5m will be spent on the emerging crime.

The crime can be any illegal activity with a computer, such as hacking or ‘phishing’.

Using devices to commit crime, such as downloading child abuse images or perpetrating hate crime online, is also classed as cyber crime.

Mr Hayes said: ‘As we embrace technology and conduct our lives online, so crime has changed and moved online to follow us.

‘In fact, the Home Office expects cyber crime to exceed traditional crime by next year.

‘In order to protect us, and to prevent and pursue cyber crime, the police must be funded to uplift their efforts to respond to victims.

‘We need these structures in place to allow us to react quickly and effectively to new online threats.

‘We must also have the knowledge to advise the public on how they can protect their online lives.’

A survey, asking people of their experiences and perception of the crime, is open until February 2016.

It is open to all residents in the south east, regardless if they have been victims or not.