Hundreds caught speeding on M275

Speed camera
Speed camera
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MORE than 100 drivers a day have been caught out for speeding offences by speed cameras on Portsmouth’s M275.

Police reported a total of 409 cases of speeding in the first four days that enforcement started.

The cameras – which record average speed over a distance and are commonly called ‘yellow vultures’ – were put up at the end of January as work began on the £28m Tipner interchange project.

But, while the cameras were switched on, enforcement action actually began on March 1 as police allowed motorists a period of grace to adjust to the new speed limits.

Figures show that between March 1 and March 4 an average of four drivers were caught out every hour.

Traffic going out of the city goes through a 40mph zone, while traffic coming in has temporary 50mph and 40mph zones.

Speeders will face a £60 fine and three points on their licence – or can opt to take a Driver Awareness Course if they have not had a speeding offence in the last three years.

However, 42 offences were above the ‘tolerance’ for a driver to be eligible for a speed awareness course – which is normally 10 per cent above the speed limit plus 6mph.

They will face immediate prosecution.

Inspector Martin Goodall, from Hampshire Roads Policing Unit, said: ‘These average speed cameras have been installed to protect construction workers and ensure the safety of all road users passing through this section of the M275.

‘The system is not designed to make money – its purpose is to save lives and prevent injuries.

‘Police do not want anyone to be caught by the cameras, and would rather motorists just slow down.

‘The temporary speed limits are a requirement of the Department for Transport (DfT) when working on motorways.’

The speed cameras could be in place until spring next year while the work is carried out to build a new motorway junction.

All fines paid out by motorists will go to HMRC and not the police or Portsmouth City Council. Statistics for the number of speeding offences recorded after March 4 are not available yet.

Meanwhile, average speed cameras will be installed near Junction 9 of the M27 at Park Gate for bridge maintenance work. The 50mph zone will come into force after Easter and is set to end by September.