Hundreds get £75 fines for dropping litter in the Havant area

The zero-tolerance anti-litter campaign was launched last month
The zero-tolerance anti-litter campaign was launched last month
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MORE than 550 people have been fined £75 for dropping cigarette butts in the past six weeks.

Figures released by Havant Borough Council show that 576 fines have been given out since the zero-tolerance anti-litter campaign was launched last month.

A total of 568 fines were given for dropping cigarette ends, eight for general litter and none so far for dog fouling.

As reported, the council has teamed up with private contractor Kingdom to clamp down on people who drop rubbish.

Ten people, including the council’s wardens, are patrolling the streets.

But one resident, while applauding the scheme, wanted the council to get tougher on beer bottles, cans and crisp packets being dropped on green spaces.

Jackie Forrest, of Springwood Avenue, Waterlooville, was angry to see rubbish strewn across parkland where she lives after being left by young people who had been sunbathing.

She said: ‘Please Havant Borough Council – it’s no good turning up during a week-day. Come along here after 6pm and at weekends and issue a few Fixed Penalty Notices.’

Councillor David Collins, who oversees environment, welcomed comments and is urging more people to get in touch so enforcement can be targeted at hotspots.

He said: ‘There is no excuse for littering, if you drop litter you will be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice.

‘No warnings will be given. There are over 2,000 public bins across the borough for residents to dispose of their rubbish correctly – not having a bin nearby is not a reason to drop litter.’

Natalie Meagher, service manager for neighbourhood quality, added: ‘The scheme is set up in such a way to respond to local issues regarding litter and dog fouling, and armed with the relevant information, location, and time of day the officers can be tasked to focus on that particular area.’

To report a problem in confidence, complete the online form ‘Report it’ at or call (023) 9244 6019.