Hundreds of bullets found in Leigh Park shed

Police shut the road for three hours
Police shut the road for three hours
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BOMB experts went to a house after a clear-out of a garden shed unearthed potentially explosive devices.

Police cars and the Royal Navy bomb disposal unit descended on a row of terraced homes in Botley Drive, Leigh Park.

Botley Drive, in Leigh Park

Botley Drive, in Leigh Park

A rucksack was discovered when a relative came to clear out the garden shed and take away a bicycle for her daughter.

It contained hundreds of bullets and three wired devices wrapped in plastic.

The house belongs to a Royal Marines veteran, who was not in at the time.

The relative who discovered the bag called the police and the bomb disposal unit arrived at about 1.30pm on Tuesday.

A 61-year-old friend of the family, who did not want to be named, told The News she found the bag a few years ago when she was clearing out the loft.

She said she put it in the shed to be on the safe side.

She explained: ‘I had been a bit concerned when I cleared out the loft and he said “Be careful with that bag”.

‘But that was a few years ago.

‘I have been in and out of the shed quite a lot since then and nothing serious or worrying has happened at any time.’

The woman, who was at the house on Tuesday morning when the relative arrived to clear out the shed, said: ‘It looked as though it could be dynamite because it was wrapped up.

‘It would have been about the length of a stick of dynamite, but it wasn’t.

‘There wasn’t a timer or anything, just a few wires. If there had been a battery it could have been serious.

‘There was no great danger.

‘A community PC came round and then another and the bomb squad.

‘They came and looked at it and X-rayed the items just to check there was no major concern and took the items away.

‘When the bomb squad arrived it gave the neighbours something to look at.’

She said the veteran, who served in the Falklands, had been a keen shooter at local rifle clubs.

She said she was ‘relieved’ when the bag was taken away.

Tim Feltham, a spokesman for Hampshire police, said: ‘An explosive ordnance disposal team was brought in to make the area safe.

‘Following enquiries, it was determined the ordnance had been in situ for some time and was unlicensed.

‘However, given the full circumstances, officers deemed that no further action was required.

‘At no point was the wider community perceived to be at risk.’

A spokesman for the Royal Navy said: ‘The guys recovered about 1,500 bullets.

‘There were a few empty shell cases.

‘They took the items away. They did not pose any danger in their current state.’