Hunt for thief as £3,000
of jewellery is stolen

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JEWELLERY worth £3,000 has been stolen from an elderly woman’s home.

Items including a Rolex watch, several bangles and bracelets, and rings set with precious stones were stolen from a house in East Cosham Road, Cosham.

A window was smashed so the burglar could get in, but he was then disturbed by the returning homeowner – a woman in her 80s. It happened at about 1pm on Tuesday.

A man was seen running away. He was white, in his mid-to-late 30s, with short dark hair, about 5ft 11in, slim, and wearing a dark T-shirt and dark knee-length shorts.

Police staff investigator Lindsey Jackson said: ‘This took place in daylight. East Cosham Road leads to two busy main roads and there would have been quite a bit of traffic at that time. The homeowner has been upset by this incident; the stolen jewellery had great sentimental value to her.’

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