Hunt is on for Gizmo, the diamond-wearing dog who’s gone missing

WORRIED Ross and Allison Meloy at home in Old Portsmouth. Their French Bulldog Gizmo, inset, has gone missing. Picture: Allan Hutchings (122264-160)
WORRIED Ross and Allison Meloy at home in Old Portsmouth. Their French Bulldog Gizmo, inset, has gone missing. Picture: Allan Hutchings (122264-160)
Assistant Chief Constable Scott Chilton and District Commander Superintendent Maggie Blyth. Picture: Malcolm Wells

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WITH his nails painted bright red and wearing vintage jewellery, French Bulldog Gizmo shouldn’t be hard to spot.

But the hunt is now on for the dog after his sudden disappearance from his home.

MISSING Gizmo the French Bulldog

MISSING Gizmo the French Bulldog

Owners Allison and Ross Meloy were left devastated when he vanished from their courtyard garden in St Thomas’s Street, Old Portsmouth, at 8.15pm on Saturday.

Allison enjoys dressing up the 18-month-old pup, and at the time he disappeared he was wearing one of her unique diamante chokers around his neck.

She bought the necklace years ago when she ran a vintage shop in Liverpool and although she has never had it valued, Allison is convinced the piece is worth a substantial amount of money.

Allison, 34, said: ‘We were absolutely devastated when we found out Gizmo was gone – he’s part of the family.

‘All we want is to have him back with us. We miss him so much.

‘We feel just as upset as if one of our children disappeared.’

In a bid to try to find Gizmo the couple roped in their friends and neighbours to scour the area, called the police to report the disappearance, and contacted Portsmouth City Council’s Environmental Services’ dog warden service which is assisting with the search.

They also plastered the area in posters and contacted all the local vets who have agreed to keep an eye out for the unusual dog worth between £1,600 to £2,500.

In return for his safe return the couple are offering a generous cash reward, and they are determined not to give up looking until he is found.

Allison added: ‘It was all such a shock. He just went out into our courtyard for the toilet, as he always does, and never came back inside.

‘The gate was lying open when we went out to look for him, he must’ve wandered out of it. We thought he might have gone on his normal walk route and ran down to the beach.

‘We looked for ages and got all our neighbours to help but he was nowhere to be seen.

‘It’s horrible – we’re doing everything we can to try to find him and won’t stop until he’s back with us.’

Gizmo is brindle patterned – a brown and fawn mix – and has a white chest.

The council’s kennel staff are also keeping a lookout for the rare dog.

Clive Rankin, from the council, said: ‘Although we do not operate a search facility for missing dogs, we do record any enquiries we receive.

‘Our kennel staff are aware that Gizmo is missing and will contact the owner if he is brought into the kennels.’

Anyone with any information should contact Ross on 07401 023032.