Hunt launched for robbers after two knifepoint raids

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POLICE are searching for balaclava-clad robbers after two knifepoint raids.

Robbers targeted the Post Office counter inside the One-Stop store in Beauchamp Avenue, Gosport, at about 5pm yesterday, and this follows a raid on a Coral betting shop in the town on Friday.

Last night a man approached a female counter assistant, who was in her 40s, and threatened her with a knife. Another man stayed by the door before they both left with cash.

Police say the men, who wore balaclavas, got away on bicycles and headed towards the cycle path on Gosport’s Bus Rapid Transit route.

Though she wasn’t harmed, the employee was left shaken by what happened.

Staff at Silver Palace, in Beauchamp Avenue, said they were shocked to hear about what happened and saw police come and go most of the evening.

And a worker in the area, who did not wish to be named, said: ‘I was out walking when it all happened.

‘It’s not nice when this happens near you. It puts me on edge. The staff told me what happened afterwards and they were a bit panicky.

‘Things like this have happened before. There’s been robberies in the area in the past. But what can you do? That’s why I’ve got shutters on my back door.

Police are speaking to witnesses and carrying out a full search of the area.

The force’s support unit was also present yesterday. A sign on the front of the One-Stop shop last night said it would be closed until further notice. One of the men wore a grey top, a yellow fluorescent vest and grey tracksuit bottoms.

On the cyclepath he stopped to change into a T-shirt and shorts before cycling off again.

The other wore a dark jacket, grey jogging bottoms and a blue rucksack.

Police say there are ‘serious lines of inquiry’ which link the robbers to an incident between 8.20pm and 8.25pm on Friday where the Coral betting shop at Queens Parade, in Privett Road, Gosport was held up.

After two men burst in one of them threatened staff with a large knife and demanded they hand over cash from the till. The one with the knife had pale white skin and was of medium build.

He wore a green and brown camouflage waterproof jacket and trousers and carried a large black sports holdall. The second man also had pale white skin and was of medium build.

He wore a black padded waterproof jacket and both had covered their faces with scarves and wore gloves.

Anyone with information should call police on 101.