Husband asks for goodnight kiss – wife smashes alarm clock over his head

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  • Woman had been drinking before attacking husband
  • Court heard she was ‘adversely affected’
  • She broke alarm clock over victim’s head
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A WOMAN has avoided jail after breaking an alarm clock over her husband’s head when he asked for a goodnight kiss.

Portsmouth Crown Court heard Kathryne Borthwick, 26, went to bed after drinking with husband Monty, in his late 50s.

For some reason, which is something of a mystery, you flew at him in a rage hitting him with whatever came to hand

Judge Roger Hetherington

Tim Dracass, prosecuting, said Mr Borthwick had followed his wife upstairs in their Victoria Road North home in Southsea.

He said: ‘He said to his wife “what about my goodnight kiss?”

‘He then describes how he took his shirt off in a jovial manner.

‘He describes the defendant flying at him and raining blows on him. He says that everything after was a blur.

‘She picked up an alarm clock and started to hit him with it.’

He added: ‘The alarm clock broke during that process.

‘The defendant grabbed hold of Mr Borthwick’s mobile telephone and started hitting him on the head. He felt blood running down his head and saying “please, please” and the defendant swearing and cursing then throwing his CD collection.’

The ambulance was called at about 9.45pm on April 18.

Mr Borthwick was left with two cuts to his head.

The court heard Mr Borthwick did not want his wife to be charged and she was due to go to trial but pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Mr Dracass added it was not the first time the defendant had acted like this after drinking.

But Mr Dracass said: ‘He considers this was very much out of character so far as his wife was concerned and alcohol was probably the cause.’

He said the pair want to put this ‘nightmare’ behind them.

The pair met online and Borthwick had come from the Philippines to this country in 2014.

Charlotte Hole, defending, said Borthwick was not used to drinking alcohol and it badly affected her but had now given it up.

Judge Roger Hetherington handed her a 12-month community order with a rehabilitation activity requirement of 15 days.

He said: ‘For some reason, which is something of a mystery, you flew at him in a rage hitting him with whatever came to hand.’