‘I don’t blame the dogs’ – mum of attack victim

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MUM Clare Hunter remembers all too vividly the terrifying moment she was out with her daughter and a dog clamped on to the toddler’s face.

She believes people are buying dogs without appreciating the need to have them properly trained.

In March Clare was in Bridgemary Park, Gosport, when a dog off its lead launched itself at her daughter Kayla, pictured, who was two at the time.

Kayla, now three, was left with bruising and puncture marks.

About the number of dog attacks, Mrs Hunter, 27, of Rogers Close, Gosport, said: ‘It’s got stupid.

‘I don’t believe it’s the dog’s fault.

‘It’s the way they are brought up. If you are going to buy a dog you need to train it right.

‘There are people buying dogs for the wrong reasons.

‘It’s just like training a child. You train your child to behave in a certain way and it’s the same with dogs.’

Mrs Hunter believes owners should use colour-coded harnesses for their pets – which gives members of the public information such as ‘friendly’, ‘don’t feed me’ and ‘caution’.

‘There’s nothing the police can do, it’s down to the owners,’ she added.

Kayla was not attempting to stroke the dog when she was attacked, but Clare has now taught her daughter to always ask the pet’s owner if it is safe to stroke the dog.